ThisIsWin11: Your Free Tool for Tailoring and Personalizing Windows 11 to Your Liking!

  • September 19, 2023

The buzz about Microsoft’s latest creation, Windows 11, is undeniable. Scheduled to breathe electronic life on June 24, 2021, the successor of Windows 10 comes equipped with a myriad of enhancements designed to give users a modern, seamless tech experience with even more personalization.

What’s inside the upgrade box?

  1. High-tech User Interface: The centerpiece of the Windows 11 overhaul is the dazzling new User Interface built for a more crisp, contemporary look than its predecessor, Windows 10. Expect an artfully centralized Start Menu, a renewed Taskbar icon and delightful system sounds to titillate your senses.
  2. Revamped Start Menu and Taskbar: Windows 11 offers a refreshing change with a central clocking of the Start Menu, a stark contrast from its left-aligned forebears. Complementing this is a symmetrical Taskbar icon arrangement exuding aesthetic balance to the perceptive eye. 
  3. Snap Layouts and Snap Groups: Windows 11 ushers in cutting-edge window management tools. Snap Layouts allow for swift organization of open screens into predetermined setups and Snap Groups for effortless preservation and retrieval of app groupings.
  4. New Look Microsoft Store: The much-anticipated facelift of the iconic Microsoft Store means wider app provisions, including Android app compatibility via the Amazon Appstore. The redesigned Microsoft Store prioritizes a smooth-sailing app selection process and an enhanced user-friendly experience.
  5. Widgets Wonderland: Say hello to the future with Windows 11’s personalized Widgets feature. Be it the news, weather updates, or calendar events, all this treasured info will stylishly slide out from the left of the screen.
  6. Inborn Cooperation with Microsoft Teams: Windows 11 seamlessly incorporates Microsoft Teams right into the Taskbar, making connecting and interacting with contacts a breeze.
  7. Game On: Gamers are set to benefit too with Windows 11’s suite of advanced gaming enhancements. Look out for elevated DirectX assistance, Auto HDR for suitable games, and augmented Xbox integration.
  1. Performance and Safety: Just like every other new edition of Windows, Windows 11 is poised to bring in performance enhancements and beefed-up security mechanisms to deliver a smoother, harder-to-hack digital experience.
  2. System Specifications: Windows 11 has upped the ante over Windows 10 by insisting on tougher hardware specifications. Expect to need a 64-bit processor that’s up to snuff, a minimum of 4 GB RAM, not less than 64 GB of storage, DirectX 12 friendly graphics with a WDDM 2.0 driver, firmware based on UEFI with Secure Boot functionality, TPM version 2.0, and an internet link for activation protocols.

What is ThisIsWin11?

Ever craved more modification abilities on Windows 11 without feeling like you’re running a marathon through a maze of settings options? Do you want to personalize a few PCs without constantly dodging through the settings app? Well, your wish has been granted! Yes indeed, you can beautifully modify Windows 11 minus the settings app shenanigans. You’d just need to download a handy utility, namely, ThisIsWin11.

GitHub’s ThisIsWin11 is the no-cost, no-installation-required solution for personalizing your Windows 11 experience to your specifications. Think of ThisIsWin11 as the Swiss Army knife of customization and management across all Windows 11 settings. And the best part is that it doesn’t meddle around in your settings app.

Ever felt the urge to make changes to numerous settings after a fresh installation of Windows 11? Ever wanted your operating system to better reflect your personal preferences? And ever thought how arduous it could be to replicate this process across multiple systems? No more! With ThisIsWin11, performing similar steps on each computer becomes a thing of the past, saving you from mundane repetition and valueless time expenditure.

Thanks to ThisIsWin11, you can now expedite the process. All the tweaking, adjustments, and customization can be done in a snap using this gratis utility, eradicating the need for duplicating your efforts on each individual computer.

Not short on features, ThisIsWin11 is your go-to hub for an array of customizable options, including the alteration of settings, installation or removal of apps, and more. The cherry on top? The ability to execute all tweaks simultaneously. Want to sport the dark mode theme across your apps or turn off Snap Layouts? ThisIsWin11 lets you do it all in a jiffy.

The main features and options of ThisIsWin11

Get acquainted with the myriad of features and possibilities offered by ThisIsWin11

  1. Say goodbye to the Game DVR function
  2. Kick out the XPS Document Writer
  3. Shove off the Advertising ID for targeted promos
  4. Put a lid on App notifications
  5. Call time on App access to your microphone/calls/notifications and more
  6. Switch on or off the Apps/Window dark mode to your liking
  7. Choose to turn on/off the Snap Assist
  8. Choose to display or conceal the Search icon in the taskbar
  9. Dictate visibility of concealed files, folders, and drives in File Explorer
  10. Put the kibosh on Windows Hello Biometrics
  1. Nix the Diagnostic data
  2. Rejig your Taskbar alignment to the left or Center
  3. Close the door on Suggested Content in the Settings app
  4. Snuff out the Compatibility Telemetry
  5. Banish Microsoft Teams from the Startup parade

While tweaking Windows 11 to your tastes is indeed feasible, let’s face it, it’s not for the faint-hearted and is a bit of a journey. But fear not, ThisIsWin11 comes to the rescue. It’s crafted so intuitively that even newcomers can navigate it with ease. It offers a litany of sections in a tree-view format, empowering you to control a host of settings based on your needs. Personalization, Systems, Gaming, Privacy, Apps, and the list goes on. All yours to expand and manage.

ThisIsWin11 also simplifies the uninstallation process for pre-installed apps on your system. And if there’s a change of heart in the future, fret not, those apps can be brought back comfortably. Besides, it makes your app installation game a whole lot easier by letting you install your favorite apps in one fell swoop, no need for individual site visits anymore. Want 7-zip, Audacity, Google Chrome, WinRAR, VLC player, Firefox, and more? Drop by the Packages section of the app, and you can download and set up these apps in a jiffy.

What are the steps to appropriately personalize Windows 11 through the use of ThisIsWin11?

Want to spice up your Windows 11 experience? ThisIsWin11 is your go-to wand! Simply grab this handy little tool from GitHub, it’s only a 71KB download. Once you’ve downloaded it, zip it open into a folder. Now, double-tap on ThisIsWin11.exe to spark up this handy tool. 

Next, set your sights on the System tab. Here, you’ll see a spread of options on the right. To ignite or quash features, just check them or un-check them. Then unleash your changes on your PC by hitting the ‘Fix Issues’ button wedged at the screen’s bottom. Voila! Your Windows 11 has a new look and feel, all in one fell swoop!

Now, let’s dive into the ‘Apps’ tab. Here, you can cast out pre-installed apps from your Windows 11. ThisIsWin11 has a unique name for it – the Recycle Bin. If you have an app you wish to banish, just select it and send it to the digital dungeon by thwacking the ‘Add Selected’ button. 

Fancy a clean sweep? Banish the whole lot by hitting the ‘Add All’ button and then the ‘Empty Recycle Bin’ button. But fear not, if you change your mind, you can summon the exiled apps back from the Recycle Bin. Just select the resurrected app and press the ‘Restore Selected’ button. You can always bring them all back with the ‘Restore All’ button.

Next stop, the ‘Packages’ tab. Here you can conjure some standard apps. Check your chosen apps, hit the ‘Create Package’ button, then tap the ‘Run Installer’ button to start the spell. 

What’s truly magical about this software? It can teleport your app package to multiple computers. Just select your apps, create your package, then click on the three-dotted icon and choose the Export to PowerShell option.

Lastly, the ‘Automate’ tab, your command wizard. Here, you can make miracles with automation like installing apps, removing apps, reinstalling all built-in apps, and much more.

The Upsides and Downsides of Thisiswin11

  • Lavish you with a plethora of personalization choices for your Windows 11 layout.
  • Boosts operational efficiency with extra tweaks and bespoke settings.
  • Generously provided at no cost with a navigation-friendly design. 
  • Some intricate customization options may call for specialized knowledge.
  • There can be occasional hiccups in terms of compatibility with some Windows versions.
  • It falls short in providing detailed manuals for resolving technical problems.

System Requirements for Thisiswin11

  1. OS Necessities: A minimum of Windows 10
  2. CPU Requirements: An Intel or AMD processor that sports at the very least a 2.0 GHz clock speed
  3. Memory Specs: Essential 4 GB RAM needed
  4. Hard Drive Space: Make sure you’ve cleared up 10 GB on your hard drive
  5. Graphics Specifications: A dedicated graphics card with no less than 512MB to cater to your video RAM needs
  6. Connectivity: Don’t forget your Internet Connection
  7. Software Essentials: Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6 or anything above is good, along with Visual Studio 2017 or later
  8. Browser Requirements: Internet Explorer 11 or anything above, Google Chrome, Firefox, or Safari would all do the trick
  9. Media Playback: With Windows Media Player 11 or above, you are all set
  10. DirectX Requirements: You’ll need DirectX but make sure it’s Version 11 or higher.


Adjusting Windows 11 to suit your requirements might be a long process, particularly if you’re working with numerous machines. However, fear not! ThisIsWin11, a free and portable tool available on GitHub, is here to streamline your experience. It empowers you to tweak, manage, and configure a variety of Windows 11 settings while bypassing the settings app. This versatile tool comes packed with a plethora of customization features to alter settings, facilitate app installation/removal, and automate commands. The cherry on top? Its user-friendly outlook and tree view design simplify the process, making it a cakewalk even for the greenest of users. With ThisIsWin11, tailoring your Windows 11 to your specific requirements is just a matter of minutes.

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